CWA 17815 from the CNE/CENELEC Now Open to Public Discussion!

2024-06-20T15:29:12+00:0031 May, 2024|

ELODIZ are proud to announce that the CWA 17815:2021 from the CNE/CENELEC is now open to public discussion. The European NanoMECommons project, funded by Horizon 2020 (GA 952869), is building a network of researchers and innovators to tackle the challenge of characterizing nanomaterials across various industries. The focus lies on developing standardised and reliable [...]

Webinar Alert! Raman Goes Industry

2024-05-16T11:00:40+00:0016 May, 2024|

ELODIZ are taking part in a CHARISMA H2020 webinar regarding challenges in assuring the harmonisation of data response of devices from different manufactures and devices with different configurations. This 90-minute webinar aims to introduce the real-life industry-based uses of Raman and demonstrate how the CHARISMA project contributes to finding the effective solutions for data [...]

ELODIZ at RSC Molecular Spectroscopy for Disease Diagnostics meeting

2024-04-29T08:32:10+00:0026 April, 2024|

We are looking forward to taking part in the RSC Molecular Spectroscopy for Disease Diagnostics meeting at Burlington House, London next month. We are excited to provide some insights on how our instruments and Raman spectroscopy techniques can be applied for disease diagnostics. The registration is open until 13 May 2024 so still time [...]

Calibration and Validation of Raman Instruments

2024-04-10T12:17:08+00:001 February, 2022|

Calibration and Validation of Raman Instruments What does it mean, and do I have to? Overview   Within our series of papers on harmonisation in Raman spectroscopy, we continue to describe how the calibration and validation of Raman data is achieved. Raman Spectroscopy is a very powerful technique for [...]

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