Verification of Raman instrumentation is very important to ensure your system is at optimal performance and that your new data can be matched with previous findings (read more about it here). This can be achieved through implementation of a selection of samples and ELODIZ offers the BIG THREE:


Gives a fine peak which has been precisely measured by many researchers and is in fact utilised by several Raman manufacturers. Assessment of this peak is the first step in checking for any alignment issues. To find out more about its benefits in Raman spectrometer calibration please go here.



Is a material which features in ASTM – E2529 for assessing the resolution of your system. This sample is perfect for seeing the effect that different objectives or gratings (which can be changed) have on your spectra.



Is a material that features in ASTM – E1840 for Raman shift calibration. With multiple peaks across the Raman spectrum, this material can be used to do a thorough check of your Raman x-axis calibration and allows for a comprehensive validation.

Together these three samples work together to allow Raman users to understand their instrument and act on any deviations and discrepancy before they become serious.

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