At ELODIZ we like to maintain control of our products and for that reason, we have been developing laser systems for our Raman devices. These are integrated lasers form a part of our Raman units but can also be tailored to specific customer requirements. We specialise in design and manufacture of Raman light sources that offer optimal performance at a sensible price.
Our primary focus is sample illumination, laser excitation and calibration sources, and all of our products under these categories are perfect for research and industrial applications. We offer a range of light sources, from simple fibre-coupled LEDs to more advanced illumination setups where new optical design is required to maximise light output.

Our THEYA light source series allows different levels of adjustments and control:

  • Selection of broad number of wavelengths
  • Available with SMA or FC connector
  • Stable throughout the spectral range
  • Available with or without heatsink (for instrument integration or standalone illumination setup)
  • Suitable for use as illumination source (monochromatic or selected range) or in spectroscopy applications such as absorption, transmission or fluorescence

A selection of our THEYA light sources can be used as calibration sources, for instance, our THEYA Neon is ideal for assessing the wavelength calibration – whilst not all Raman devices show users the wavelength x-axis, the neon can still be used to check the deviation by converting the Raman shift x-axis to wavelength.

To order please contact us with details of your specific configuration requirements.


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