ELODIZ are proud to announce that the CWA 17815:2021 from the CNE/CENELEC is now open to public discussion.

The European NanoMECommons project, funded by Horizon 2020 (GA 952869), is building a network of researchers and innovators to tackle the challenge of characterizing nanomaterials across various industries.

The focus lies on developing standardised and reliable methods for real-world industrial use. These methods will minimize measurement inconsistencies and improve data exchange and traceability. NanoMECommons aims to deliver multi-scale and multi-technique protocols for characterizing mechanical properties relevant to diverse industrial sectors.

The field of materials characterisation and modelling encompasses a vast array of materials and applications, leading to numerous communities with their own specialized terminologies. While these terminologies cater to specific application areas and model types, advancements in advanced materials and nanotechnology require a strong interdisciplinary approach that bridges these communities. The aim of the CEN workshop is to establish a common language (definitions and vocabulary) for materials characterisation and modelling.

The project is open to new participants (subject to registration) and the draft documents are open to all public for revision here.

The kick-off meeting was held online on the 24th of May 2024. People interested to participate can still register through an online form at the above link.