The ELODIZ UNIKA is a compact single-channel (532nm or 785nm) Raman system that offers research-grade performance whilst maintaining simplicity and ease of use. The system is flexible and upgradeable up to three laser channels enabling expansion of data with user’s growing analytical requirements.


ELODIZ NEEGALA™ is our most popular compact multi-laser system that offers research-grade performance whilst maintaining ease of use. The system combines flexibility, functionality and user-friendly design with full control via software. It consists of ultra-stable diode lasers and high-performance spectrometers, designed to operate in a variety of modes, to address the limitations of single-line portable or modular Raman units.

Raman DUPLA™

The ELODIZ DUPLA™ Raman system is another one of our compact multilaser Raman devices. The product can detect low levels of signal and provides long-term operational stability features, that are required in a broad number of applications. This makes DUPLA the ideal partner for general material characterisation and reaction monitoring processes.


ELODIZ TRIPLA is a compact multi-channel Raman system that offers three independent optical paths which can be run simultaneously to transform your experiment. The ability to integrate three Raman setups in a single device makes TRIPLA particularly valuable in reaction monitoring and process control, where multiple readouts can be simultaneously obtained via three different probes.

Spectroscopy solutions

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