Perhaps the most well-known and highly regarded feature of Raman Spectroscopy is that, unlike other spectroscopic methods, it is an non-destructive technique which does not require sample preparation. It involves illuminating the sample from a distance only (with the use of a laser) and collecting the scattered photons. This process applies to a large majority of samples, however, in order to assure that the sample is stable at the time of analysis (not moving), it does require some basic sample manipulation (do not confuse with preparation).

ELODIZ has selected and prepared a range of accessories that will help you adapt your Raman system to suit your analytical needs and provide you with the necessary environment to obtain your Raman scan in a fast, reliable and reproducible way.

Some of the elements we offer are:

  • XY stand with fine-tuned rotary XY stage
  • Calibration samples
  • Vial holders for the analysis of liquid samples
  • Probe shafts as well a selection of materials and optics for the shafts on our Neegala and Standard probes

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