We are a growing team of scientists, engineers, developers, nerds, experts but above all else problem solvers. Powered by coffee, we work hard for our customers and strive to become a little better every day. We are flexible and adaptable and… we also love dogs.


Dr Enrique Lozano Diz – Founder and Managing Director

Having worked in the analytical devices industry since 2007, Enrique has gained significant commercial and technical experience via a number of customer-facing engineering and management roles which, together with extensive scientific knowledge, led him to pursue his ambition of creating ELODIZ Ltd. His life, career and studies have spanned 2 continents. Today, Enrique maintains a strong strategic direction and commitment to his business and its employees. Investing time in technological innovations, he continuously looks for ways to improve our products and services so they exceed customer satisfaction and enhance their experience.

Enrique has a major in Chemistry from Seville University, a PhD from University of Neuchatel and is also a significant contributor on the EU-funded consortium CHARISMA project.

When he’s not cracking the whip on the rest of the team, he enjoys a 10k run and some good quality Spanish wine (not at the same time!).

Patrycja Whiteaker – Head of Administration

Patrycja is the backbone of ELODIZ. Equipped with great organisational and planning skills she joined the company in the midst of the pandemic and has been an invaluable asset to the business ever since. Her role has evolved greatly over time, and she has been involved in various areas of the business from administration to finance and marketing. She is the person responsible for our ISO 9001 accreditation, efficient administrative systems, as well as the development and management of our website and social media accounts. She enjoys her wide range of activities and flexibility in her role.

Patrycja holds an MA in English (University of Opole). Outside work she enjoys photography, travelling and cultivating her creative flair.

James Thomson – Lead Scientist

James is the lead researcher on the H2020 project CHARISMA. Raman spectroscopy is the predominant focus of his career and he has experience in production line chemical assessment as well as in-situ, at-distance and in-line laser based characterisation. At ELODIZ he works closely with our customers, troubleshooting any problems they may come across and offering advice, drawn from his broad knowledge of analytical chemistry, research project management and data analysis. His software skills range from LabVIEW and MATLAB to Simca, Origin and Python.

James is a Doctor of Philosophy (University of Manchester) and a Master of Chemistry (Manchester Metropolitan University).

He is an avid skier and rock climber with a significant interest in fabrication, particularly in the area of carpentry and metalwork.

Pooja Munjal – Systems Engineer/Optomechanics Engineer

Pooja has recently relocated from India and has brought into ELODIZ a great deal of analytical skills in areas ranging from interferometry and bio-photonics to optics and raman spectroscopy. In the past she has designed and implemented a novel single interference lens (iLens) interferometer used to measure small variations on the surface of samples, including rough surfaces or fine fibres. Her discovery of the iLens inferometer allowed her to represent her native country at the BRICS – Young Scientist Conclave 2019 held in Brazil.

At ELODIZ Pooja is responsible for the development of custom-made optical systems for raman spectroscopy.

Pooja holds a PhD in Optics and Lasers from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Mohali (Punjab, India). Outside work she enjoys playing badminton, dancing and cooking.

Lua – Senior Morale Officer

Lua our veteran employee has been with the company the longest of us all, and certainly has built some impressive skills and experience over the years. She only works part-time but never fails to create a memorable, if somewhat hairy, impression. Her role involves managing office space and overseeing daily activities of the team, making sure that everyone stays on task.

Spectroscopy solutions

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