Laboratory Consumables


3 Ply Non-woven for hospital/forensic/police  use

Meltblown Level:  95+

Sterilisation process: Ethylene Oxide 

Ergonomic, lightweight design with soft plunger movement to reduce hand fatigue. Low pressure tip ejector for easy access to narrow containers.

Respirator mask protecting against airborne pathogens and nanoparticles. High filtration mask or bacterias, PM 2.5, virus

advice for single use


FFP2 mask, sterilised

 High level of protection,  One-time bowl-shaped cover is comfortable to wear and easy to talk with.

 The cover is reinforced so that it 'will not deform even if worn for a long use

 Respirator mask protecting against airborne pathogens. Anti-penetration high filtration mask PM 2.5

 Respirator mask fits most face shapes, without inspiration/expiration air-leakage

Fitted with Valve


Breathable materials non-woven Fabric

Protective clothing, Disposable, white

Coverall with hood

for medical or police services

MobileDetect Pouch from DetectaChem brings presumptive drug field testing to the masses. Cost effective and powerful tool for presumptive drug detection.