Bioreactors are broadly used in a wide variety of processes present in the production of food, chemicals and pharmaceutical compounds. These bioreactors are monitored with standard analytical techniques which often require manual sampling or a single parameter set-up. Such a process can be very time-consuming and has many drawbacks, including the need to use hazardous reagents to perform the analysis.

As one of the Innovate UK grant winners ELODIZ Ltd are looking to develop a simple to operate, sampling free, automatic analytical solution to monitor the performance of a process within the reactor in real time. Raman spectroscopy seems the natural choice to obtain such results. With its ability to utilise two laser wavelengths, it enables an efficient customisation of the chemometric modelling in a broader range of reactions. Optimising the reactor’s operation through the correct dosage of nutrients will lead to higher product yield at lower input cost.

To achieve the best results and produce sufficient evidence of our concept’s success we have established a collaborative relationship with Brunel University London around a case study based on microalgae bioreactors. We are determined for our product to open new avenues in verifying and quantifying the nutrients in the growing market of bioreactors. Our technology will most certainly find a broad range of application in biotechnology and related sectors like water treatment and environmental science.

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