We are delighted to announce the appointment of Corbeau Innovation as authorised distributor of ELODIZ Raman products in the UK with exclusive distribution rights from 16 March 2022.

Based in Cardiff, Corbeau Innovation specialises in innovative spectroscopy products. They partner companies with disruptive technologies, helping them to rapidly develop and sell their products, targeting markets that range from precision agriculture to microelectronics.

Both parties will now combine their expertise to expand their presence in the Raman spectroscopy market in the UK.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Pierre Greaves, Director of Corbeau Innovation said “We have known ELODIZ as instrumentation supplier for a few years and are excited to be appointed as UK agent for their new fibre-based Raman instruments. We look forward to working closely with their great team!”.

ELODIZ Managing Director, Dr Enrique Lozano Diz added: “ELODIZ is looking forward to this exciting collaboration which will help us solidify and grow our business. We are looking forward to building a strong professional relationship with Corbeau Innovation”.

For more information about Corbeau Innovation please visit their website.