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CHARISMA Project – new video

2022-03-22T14:46:12+00:001 March, 2022|

ELODIZ is one of the partners and integral contributors on the EU-founded consortium CHARISMA - a technology leader for the revision and creation of European standards in Raman spectroscopy for industrial applications. The H2020CHARISMA Project involves professionals from large companies, regulation, small and medium enterprises, and academia. All partners continuously engage in numerous research [...]

ELODIZ to sponsor SpringSciX – 11-13 April, University of Liverpool, UK

2022-03-01T10:08:28+00:0021 February, 2022|

SpringSciX is a meeting of the successful SciX series which is based outside of USA. This year ELODIZ is one of the sponsors at the conference and we will also be presenting our latest findings and recommendations in data harmonisation. The conference itself will cover a wide range of analytical chemistry research. Speakers will [...]

Calibration and Validation of Raman Instruments

2022-02-01T13:39:59+00:001 February, 2022|

Calibration and Validation of Raman Instruments What does it mean, and do I have to? Overview   Within our series of papers on harmonisation in Raman spectroscopy, we continue to describe how the calibration and validation of Raman data is achieved. Raman Spectroscopy is a very powerful technique for [...]

The Need of Harmonisation in Raman Spectroscopy?

2022-10-04T10:42:54+00:004 January, 2022|

The Need of Harmonisation in Raman Spectroscopy? CHARISMA - a European initiative to normalise industrial use of Raman - by Dr Enrique Lozano Overview   Raman spectroscopy is a technique that involves scattering of monochromatic light, first observed by Sir C.V. Raman (i), after whom this technique is named. [...]

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