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IROS 05 FTIR spectrometer is designed to provide the wide range of sample measurement techniques in the most challenging environments from the

laboratory to the pilot plant. Compact size, reasonable price for unique set of accessories and high performance - these advantages of IROS 05 Spectrometer allow it to fit to most of research and field tasks as a mid-level spectrometer for academic and industrial applications.


Multi-purpose lab IROS P01 and IROS P02 FTIR spectrometers are designed for routine measurements and scientific research in the mid-IR spectrum.

IROS P01 and IROS P02 are basic models for scientific, testing and analytical laboratories. These spectrometers have high signal-to-noise ratio, spectral resolution 1.0/0.5 cm-1, large cell compartment.

IROS P03 is a research spectrometer for mid-IR spectrum analysis with spectral resolution of 0.12 cm-1. Its operating spectral range can be spread. Maximum sensitivity is reached using changeable detectors and IR radiation sources for operating spectral ranges.

3D scanning laser Raman microscopes provide rapid, high sensitivity analysis and unprecedented convenience in use

RAMOS E/M Series Raman spectrometers are designed on the basis of research grade optical microscopes allowing the realization of the following light microscopy methods:

  • Raman measurements
  • Transmitted light 
  • Reflected light (bright field and dark field illumination)
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Fluorescence measurements
  • Polarization contrast and phase contrast imaging
  • Differential interference contrast
Ostec Raman system RAMOS S120 - confocal microscope- modular system