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cannabis products, are they LEGAL or ILLEGAL? Hemp or Marijuana???

04 Feb

cannabis products, are they LEGAL or ILLEGAL? Hemp or Marijuana???

Hemp or Marijuana, what is the difference?

Well Hemp and Marijuana are like twin brothers, they look the same, but they are quite different in the inside.

The reason why the look the same is because both of them are from the same cannabis plants family, but the chemical composition is what makes the BIG difference! 

Been similar plants means that are quite similar -really the look exactly the same- as plants typically contain THC in varying concentrations. The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana is what produces the “high” associated with smoking or vaping weed (well this and over 100 similar substances, but this is the main one). In contrast, hemp-derived products are legally required to  have very low THC content (in the USA, below 0.3% and in the UK, trace level only)

CBD is cannabidiol, and this products is not regulated, it is the main product in the cbd oils and associated product (creams, wax, supplements, etc) and you can buy without too many problems, as long as the THC is really low. 

The THC is mostly produce in the flowers of the cannabis, and the concentration can reach really high levels there. The same for hemp flowers, but at significant lower levels, the highest potential of our of the norm concentration of THC in Hemp is on the flowers, so the rule of thumb is: if you want to be risk free,never buy hemp-flowers based products, as they likely have higher than expected THC level.

If in doubt, there are ways to check if the product does or doesn't have THC. One of the most  efficient and easiest one is based on TLC (thin layer chromatography) but unless you do like chemistry and you do have a basic knowledge how to do this correctly, the best is to try one of the Detectachem pouch, that Elodiz is offering to our customers:


This way, testing yourself the products you buy, you can have some level of understanding what product you are about to consume. But remember, stay out of drugs!