High Column Quality:

• Chromatographic performances of GS-Tek Columns, distributed by Elodiz are similar in comparison to branded columns enabling quick transition when switching columns
• High column performances in column selectivity, column inertness, column bleed and column plate number
• Columns are tested regularly producing superb results
• Consistent high quality and reproducibility to win customer loyalty

Cost Effectiveness:

• Delivery of very high quality columns
• Highly quality column production
• Unconditional customer satisfaction warranty
• Very competitive prices with additional flexible sales discount policies
• Short lead time from both the inventory and orders that are made to order

Customer Satisfaction:

• Seamless column switching with similar performances to brand name columns
• Employee expertise in chromatography, helping to solve customer application problems
• Excellent after-sales service
• Quick response time to customer enquiries and short order lead times
• Unconditional customer satisfaction warranty
• A high quality product supplier

Automated, versatile, and  Powerful GC for daily applications such food safety, environmental protection, energy, QCQC laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, etc.