About ELoDiz

Founded in 2012, ELoDiz has played a significant role within the analytical devices market. ELoDiz Ltd has developed a strong reputation since its inception which helps us give our customers the best and most cost effective service. Our customers are generally in the analytical sector and they rely on our know-how to support their research, their product development and business growth. 

The company has a strong international background, which is extremely valuable to understand customer needs and requirements in the scientific community. This enhances our capability to meet and support customers worldwide. We have partners and a great networking of partners across the Americas (North and South), Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our expertise and resources are structured to address all aspects of the analytical instrumentation business and ensure high quality project execution in a timely and safe manner. Our offices outside London, UK are strategically located to make our international travel easy, to ensure delivery of high quality projects and after sales services in an efficient and competitive manner.


ELoDiz Ltd is an analytical devices and services provider working with trusted analytical suppliers delivering a comprehensive portfolio of products ensuring the advancement of scientific and academic studies at a competitive price. We partner with analytical instrumentation suppliers to help produce state of the art instruments. ELoDiz also provides consultancy and support services for technology companies, our main focus being analytical instrumentation and ground-breaking new technologies.

Our team will provide different levels of support depending on your needs and territories.

  • DEvelopment of Raman Spectrsocopy devices
  • On demand development
  • Sales and service support
  • Training for distributors
  • Training for final customers
  • Service and repairs
  • Training of service and customer support organizations
  • R&D and engineering support
  • Generation and/or revision of User Requirements Specifications (URS)
  • Generation and/or revision of Functional Requirements Specifications (FSD)
  • Quality Assurance Protocols (QAP)
  • Instrumentation Testing protocols and Testing Plans
  • System Development Life Cycle revision (SDLC)

ELoDiz can designate employees to work under exclusivity terms with some customers.


Companies can break into new fields by focusing on niche markets or introducing ground-breaking new technology.

The instrumentation and analytical market is nowadays, one of the most competitive markets. Technical developments are entering the market at an incredible speed, but the market of potential users is limited. Sometimes these potential users of the new technology already possess tools and protocols in place.

So there are many questions that the potential investor will raise before investing money into a new company or a new project:

  • Is there a profitable market for introducing a new technology or product?
  • How to enter the market?
  • How to have sales, support and service in place to grow and sustain a healthy business?
  • Is my product and concept what the customer really wants?
  • Is the product suitable for its purpose?
  • There is a great new product, but production is inconsistent and I have many customer complaints, am I doing things right?
  • Do I have the right tools to enter a regulated market? What is required?

These and many more questions required to be answered by all companies and here is where ELoDiz normally plays an important role. We can help! In partnership with your company to assure your product and company is a success. ELoDiz will help you to grow the business to assure customer satisfaction and investors’ success. WE develop a series of own products within our expertise in spectroscopy and its environment


The Transparency in Supply Chains provision in the Modern Slavery Act 2015 seeks to address the role of businesses in preventing modern slavery from occurring in the supply chains and organisations. Modern slavery is a crime resulting in detestable abuse of human rights. As a well reputed and trusted partner within the analytical devices market, ELoDiz has an obligation of being socially and environmentally responsible. We have instilled social and environmental platforms since our inception in 2012 to cover our operations. This is because our supply chain can extend to communities around us within the UK and also into other territories worldwide. The aim is to create a positive change and develop a sustainable future through our services and play a role in preventing slavery and human trafficking. We are committed to continuous review of our policies, maintaining due diligence, investigating modern slavery risks, and if necessary, working with other organisations to identify and minimise them.

For more information, contact us at info (a) elodiz.com (replace ( a) with @)