Raman Confocal


Ostec Raman system RAMOS U120 - confocal microscope 

Single Channel Raman  Spectrometer, Automated laser attenuation control, • The most affordable price in the segment of Confocal Raman Systems


3D scanning laser Raman microscopes provide rapid, high sensitivity analysis and unprecedented convenience in use

RAMOS E/M Series Raman spectrometers are designed on the basis of research grade optical microscopes allowing the realization of the following light microscopy methods:

  • Raman measurements
  • Transmitted light 
  • Reflected light (bright field and dark field illumination)
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Fluorescence measurements
  • Polarization contrast and phase contrast imaging
  • Differential interference contrast
Ostec Raman system RAMOS S120 - confocal microscope- modular system